Lessons, Opportunities and Challenges for DE&I in EXCOs 


Discover what our research shows about DE&I at EXCO level in financial services, the work that needs to be done and how it can be achieved. 


Do you have any plan to assess your DE&I strategy over the next 3-6 months?

Key trends that EXCOs practise to drive inclusion

Examples of initiatives that EXCOs are practising, such as providing a platform for everyone to have a voice by inviting views and creating a space for EXCO members to contribute.


How EXCO members are selected

More than half (62%) of our survey respondents said that their EXCO members are selected through structured interviews with the CEO and Board members. Of those, 29% are selected on the basis of HR vetting and the CEO, MD, or a director making the final choice.

Barriers & solutions

If your organisation has a more traditional board that lacks diversity, board members may become defensive when faced with the DE&I disparity. 


Sneak Peak:

In the wake of the cultural turmoil that has been the last two years, it's clear that diversity, equity and inclusion are no longer purely an HR issue. The facts are now front and centre for all to see, with mammoth movements such as #MeToo and Black Lives Matter tearing down the façade of virtue signalling that some may sit comfortably behind.

It's time for those on the Executive Committee (EXCO) to get actively involved. 

But while the current zeitgeist is to join in with the push for systemic change, in an industry as traditional as financial services, how can we ensure genuine effort and authenticity from the top down.