What Every Leader Should Know About the Future of Hybrid Working 


Balancing business & employee needs is key to the success of hybrid working.


How many days does your company require you to come into the office?


Sneak Peak:

In late 2021, Hanover has conducted in-depth research into the challenges our clients are facing from hybrid working, as well as the solutions they are implementing. 

The results of this research show that 60% of people are working two or three days a week in the office. But how does that work in practice, what does this changing workplace mean for both employers and employees, and how does it affect talent and innovation? 

These are just some of the questions we aim to answer in our new research report, What Every Leader Should Know About the Future of Hybrid Working.

We hope that the results you'll see will help you meet and overcome some of the challenges your business may face from hybrid working. While every business must tailor their hybrid work options to meet specific needs and culture, we believe that learning what other companies are doing well and exploring different ideas can further develop hybrid working success. 

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