The Menopause: A Practical Guide for Business Leaders 


Managing and mitigating the sometimes debilitating effects of the menopause for staff in the workplace.


Does your company currently have a menopause policy in place?


There's a spotlight on the menopause, and it's about time we give it the focus and discussion it deserves. 


Over 900,000 women left their jobs last year because of the menopause. That's knowledge, diversity, expertise, and most importantly valued people leaving the workplace at a time in their careers when they have the most to give.

The whitepaper includes more information on topics including:

> Why we need to do more

> What the menopause and peri-menopause are

> What challenges the menopause pose in the workplace

> The impact of experiencing the menopause in the workplace

> The effect of the menopause on employers

> Practical guidance for supporting menopausal employees

> Getting the best from those experiencing menopausal symptoms

> Developing a menopause policy

> How to support leaders in supporting women at work

> Examples of companies with good menopause support